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  • Loupe tool
  • Reading mode
  • Basic interface

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Victor Hernandez Senior editor

Adobe Reader, the most widely used software for viewing, editing and creating PDF files, is now compatible with Windows Vista and earlier versions. It features new and better characteristics for enabling online group working via Acrobat Connect, Adobe's online meetings service. You can create a trial account for using this service.
Other interesting features are the reading mode, which hides the navigation panel and allows a better viewing of the document. Also, you can use other viewing tools, like the zoom and loupe tools, which allow you to make extreme close-ups of any part of the document.
Adobe Reader has an attractive, easy-to-use interface, very akin to a web browser, which makes its use easier. You can customize the tool bars and the navigation panels for streamlining your work.
This new version includes a new booklet printing feature, which allows you to print two pages of the document in each printed page and on both sides of it, making it easy to create booklets or brochures from standard PDF files. Also, the Read Out Loud feature has been improved, making it more accurate. As in prevoious versions, Adobe Reader 8.1 is absolutely free.


  • Very light.
  • System-friendly.


  • None.

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  All comments (268)
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    Guest Last month

    It's smoother than previous versions and works faster.

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    Guest Last month

    Anything with "Mohamed" on it should be directed to the POTUS. He seems to have a great affinity.
    Incidentally, when did (Americans) lose the ability to free speech in our own country? Huh, huh, huh?

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    Mohamed Ali Gorrab 6 months ago

    It's lighter than previous versions and works faster.

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